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As a homeowner, you have worked long and hard to pay and renovate your house. With all of that hard work and time, you wouldn’t want to risk sever damage from the one thing you can’t control: mother nature. Rain, snow, ice, even small animals and bugs are all elements that could really hurt your home if you don’t have a proper roof installed. You may think that as long as your shingles are fine and intact, you are protected from any sort of water damage. However, there is more to a roof than just shingles; and two big components of your roof which helps prevent water damage is the soffit and fascia.

Soffit and fascia are the two key parts of a roof which ensure your home is beautiful, however can be problem areas if not maintained. Soffit is the underneath section of the portion of the roof which overhangs the side of the home; these are most commonly made of vinyl and they have small holes in the material which helps ventilate the attic and pull moisture away from your home. Fascia is the part of the roof which runs along the roof line, and are typically made of woodin order to help to keep your home safe from water damage. If you are building a home or wanting to redo those portions of your roof, The Roof Whisperer will install both the soffit and fascia of your roof. We ensure a proper fitting trim, and checking to make sure the installations have the proper support to give it the longest lifespan possible. The Roof Whisperer provides professional and reliable service, working hard and diligently to ensure your roof  is secure and your home beautiful.

You may be thinking you don’t need the entire soffit or fascia replaced or installed, but just need it repaired. Rest assured, The Roof Whisperer will repair any damages that you may have. The way these portions of the roof are installed are in sections, so therefore a section can be taken out and then replaced in order to repair the soffit or fascia. Noticing and getting damages repaired to the soffit and fascia of your roof is very important to protect your home from any sort of water damage!

The Roof Whisperer can assist you on all of your soffit and fascia needs, whether it is a full installation or a damage repair. Our goal is to make sure your home is beautiful and protected. Our company specializes in this sort of work so you can be assured that you are in good hands. We look forward to helping you keep your home beautiful and dry.